New Mexico Diabetes Advisory Council

Working to reduce the burden of diabetes on communities in New Mexico.

Dec 2, 2022 Training: Dancing With Data: The Latest Diabetes Data for NM and the Benefits of Paths to Health Referrals

Find out what is going on in New Mexico related to prediabetes and diabetes prevalence as well as ways that you can help decrease these numbers. We will hear from Wayne Honey and Dorine Conley from the Diabetes Prevention & Control Program on the latest diabetes numbers. Then Lynnzy McIntosh with Workshop Wizard and Paths to Health will share about the easy process of referrals and how you can connect patients to free programs that can help their health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the prevalence and distribution of diagnosed prediabetes and diagnosed diabetes in NM.
  • Understand differences between diagnosed prediabetes and diabetes and estimates of true the prevalence of both.
  • Understand the association between diabetes and health status and several chronic conditions
  • Understand estimates of testing for prediabetes across recommended groups as a likely explanation for the difference between estimates of diagnosed prediabetes and estimates of the true prevalence of prediabetes and the importance and value of diagnosis of prediabetes and referral to diabetes prevention programs.
  • Recognize Paths to Health New Mexico: Tools for Healthier Living (P2HNM) providing multiple prevention and self-management programs
  • Foster greater understanding of the benefits of using P2HNM for connecting health care to community- based programs
  • Increase your knowledge and comfort level in making referrals to community-based programs
  • Engage and enjoy the referral and feedback process

Meeting Recording:

Pre Diabetes and Diabetes in NM Presentation

Dancing with Data: Many Ways to Move and Groove Presentation

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