New Mexico Diabetes Advisory Council

Working to reduce the burden of diabetes on communities in New Mexico.

Sept 9, 2022: Lifelong Weight Management Strategies to Help Every Patient

Opening and Laura Andromalos:

Dianne Christensen:

Kimberle Carter:

Join us for a training focused on weight management strategies to help every patient. National Speaker, Laura Andromalos, will focus on communication as well as the effects of weight loss medications. Dianne Christensen will build on the former presentation, focusing on how to help clients make the mental transition to changing their lifestyle. Kimberle Carter will end the day showing you practical tips on exercises suited for clients with diabetes, regardless of mobility level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use respectful language related to body size
  • Describe non-scale victories for people optimizing metabolic health
  • Explain the mechanisms and potential side effects of weight loss medications
  • Recognize the importance of assisting clients to identify their “whys” for wellness on a consistent basis.
  • Teach tools to assist clients in changing their thinking regarding their health and wellness.
  • Teach clients how to set SMART goals and integrate them into their unique lifestyles.
  • Assist clients to manage their emotions and leverage stress towards positive personal growth.
  • Assist clients to focus on what they can control in their lives.
  • Teach the importance/benefits of exercise in managing diabetes
  • Explore the challenges/barriers to exercise in patients with diabetes (socioeconomic, cultural, etc…) 
  • Explain the specific exercises and workout styles that are best for clients with diabetes (w/low mobility or at a beginner’s fitness level) and what exercises to avoid, and why.

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