New Mexico Diabetes Advisory Council

Working to reduce the burden of diabetes on communities in New Mexico.

December 3, 2021 Training: Aging with Grace: Living Well with Diabetes

Where: Zoom Meeting

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2.5 CEUs Applied for (CME, RD, CHES, CHW)

Cost: Free for members or $20 for non-members

This is the final training of our Diabetes Across the Ages Series. Join us to explore the impacts of Diabetes on older adults. Our speakers will look at issues specific to older adult populations. Dr. Marjorie Cypress will lay the foundation for the training by reviewing Diabetes in older adults. Dr. Krista Salazar and Stephanie Headrick will discuss specific pharmacological needs for older adults living with Diabetes. Elizabeth Salinas will speak about the risk of older adult falls and the impact Diabetes can have on falls as well as ways to prevent falls.

Upon completion of the training participants will be able to:

  • Identify common pharmacotherapy, pharmacotherapies therapies to avoid, monitoring parameters, safety guidelines and life style modifications in persons experiencing advanced age.
  • Describe about one pharmacy’s programs for supporting elderly patients and their caregivers and building team support.
  • Outline a framework for upholding pharmacist-patient partnerships that are culturally diverse and building and sustain supportive teams and team-environments.
  • Discuss pharmacist-patient cases for strengthening knowledge, skills and abilities for living well with Diabetes.
  • Explain why older adult falls are a public health concern
  • Identify five risk factors that contribute to falls in older adults
  • Examine the correlation between diabetes and fall risk
  • Identify five evidence-based interventions that reduce the risk of falls
  • Describe the impact of COVID-19 on Falls Prevention program delivery
  • List three Falls Prevention resources for older adults
  • Describe 4 of the effects of aging on DM and DM on aging
  • Identify at least 3 risk factors that can affect QOL and health status
  • Discuss the ADA’s standards of medical care in Older Adults

Recording of training

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